New Year’s Resolution: Reconnecting

Guest column

Another year has arrived and with that, for many of us, comes a renewal of commitments and goals–some of which center on self-improvement, such as organization, exercise, weight loss, et cetera. These could fill a book. Now, don’t get me wrong; these are all noble and commendable; one should consider acting on these goals (if that is important to you).

However, there is another self-improvement road that one can take; that is the reconnecting of relationships that may have lain dormant for quite some time. These may be family, friends, classmates, or coworkers.

When one reaches out to these people, who at one time or another have been a part of your life, it sparks and rekindles the memories that were created such a long time ago and have affected who you are today.

As this ensues (It can be through a telephone or cell phone call, video chat, letter, email, et cetera.), the connection is then made. When this transpires for me, I feel more content, because a missing piece of my life has been located. With this find, the fulfillment and happiness that follow are immeasurable. It leaves me not only with not wanting to end the conversation, but also with a firm resolve that these renewed contacts will not lie dormant again. These feelings probably mirror the feelings for the other person as well. This individual may, in turn, be inspired to also reconnect with others that have drifted from their lives.

For those of you that are interested in taking this path less traveled, I hope that you find it as uplifting as I have. It is what He would want you to do. Speaking of him, if you have drifted from God, maybe now is the perfect time to reconnect with him. He has been waiting for your return. All you need to do is to make that first step.

Reconnecting with others is a great way to begin a commitment for the New Year 2019 and the years beyond.

Dedicated to all of my family, friends — West Iron County Schools Class of 1970, including Kevin McDonald, who inspired me to write this article — and previous co-workers. Have a happy and blessed New Year!

Daniel J. Paul is a retired school administrator. His articles focus on education, old-fashioned family values, relationships, and other topics. His website is at