Remembering Daily News staff writer Linda Lobeck

The Daily News today said a last goodbye to Linda Lobeck.

Lobeck, 57, had the second-longest tenure in the newsroom at 33 years, behind only sports writer and former sports editor Burt Angeli.

Some of her longtime colleagues were asked to reflect on what they will remember most about Linda —

Burt Angeli, sports writer, former sports editor, 41 years with The Daily News:

When one started work at the Iron Mountain News in the 1980s, the individual had to endure a bit of teasing.

Edmund Henry (Hap) Rondeau and his partner-in-crime, yours truly, often amused ourselves by joking around with our fellow newspaper staffers.

We could get under the skin of some. One new gal, a tough Croatian with a big heart, gave it back to us with both barrels.

We threw up the white flag. We didn’t anticipate a comeback from a Gladstone girl.

That was Linda (Marmilick) Lobeck’s initiation to the office. She went on to make a major impact on our life and many others.

An award-winning reporter in her 34 years, she covered cities, schools and businesses, and also turned out features on a variety of topics.

When you’ve been working next to somebody for 30 years, you develop more than a working relationship.

We once had a cheese fudge-making contest in the office. If memory serves, Lindy was tied for second with Tangelo Pete, while I took honors with the help of my mother.

However, nobody made better potato salad than Lindy. She also served a venison lasagna that was top shelf.

When Lindy let it be known that sewing wasn’t one of her strong points, we couldn’t resist a call to her home one night. One of her sisters answered and I asked if Linda was taking in shirts to have buttons replaced.

“You sew?” I could hear in the background.

“Must be that darn Angeli,” Lindy replied.

She wasn’t a big pro sports fan but did like the Lions when they played her hubby Pat’s Vikings.

She attempted to look calm when her boys, Ryan, and my godson, Matt, were playing tennis, football, basketball and wrestling for the Mountaineers and Green Knights. I couldn’t help but smile, seeing Lindy rock in her seat during tense wrestling matches.

Once you got to know Lindy, one realized the holidays meant plenty. She seemed to glow after those family trips to Negaunee for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Another holiday tradition was the Lobeck Christmas lights going up before Pat could hit the woods for deer hunting.

This was also the time to receive my tin of tasty cookies with chocolate kisses and butterscotch chips.

“Remember to share with (your wife) Gina,” Lindy would say.

She also became a grandmother to Madelyn in the past few years. Lindy beamed when telling of her grandmother-granddaughter experiences.

And then the phone call to my home on Wednesday morning, Nov. 8, 2017. Cookie choked out words about Linda passing away. My response was a groan, just like when Theresa Proudfit called in August of 2015 that editor Blaine Hyska had passed away.

Funeral services take place today. My heart goes out to Pat, Ryan and Matt.

Jim Anderson, news editor, 32 years at The Daily News:

At the time of Managing Editor Blaine Hyska’s death in August 2015, we noted his concern and love for this community. The same must be said for Linda Lobeck.

Good news was Linda’s favorite news to share, but she didn’t shy away from difficult topics. She knew the importance of being fair, of giving people a voice, of recognizing the need to question.

Going through a second newsroom loss in two years, we have the heartfelt, painful loss of a friend and colleague. It is a deep community loss as well, both in the joy that Linda shared and the work that always drew her dedication.

Terri Castelaz, lifestyles editor:

Thirty years ago, I walked into The Daily News to assume the duties as editorial assistant. You can’t imagine how nervous I was, but lucky for me I was introduced to Linda. It only took her a matter of a few minutes to have me completely relaxed and excited to start this challenging position. She took me under her wing and we became instant friends.

We shared so many special events over the years, including going through two pregnancies together. Our oldest children were only a week apart and our second was a couple months. When I was pregnant with my third, she told me I was on my own! We watched our kids grow up together and now our grandchildren. Linda’s love for her family and friends showed through in everything she did.

She was one of the most giving persons, hands down – always acknowledging birthdays, Christmas, etc. Linda gave the best gifts, too. Years ago, we would draw names in the office, but everyone secretly hoped that Linda would get their names.

We shared so many laughs together in and out of the office. When our co-worker, Hap Rondeau, retired, the two of us were put in charge of his party. We arrived early to have a few cocktails before we would have to speak in front of the large crowd. Probably not such a great idea — I think we were the only two laughing at our jokes, but years later, everyone was still talking about it.

I feel very fortunate to have shared so memories with Lin and so blessed to have had such a special person in my life. I know she was a great asset to the News, but she was an even bigger asset as my friend. Your infectious smile, kindness and big heart will never be forgotten.

Jennifer Flynn, circulation manager, 30 years with The Daily News:

It was her smile I’ll remember. It just lit up her whole face, I could be having one of the worst days and her smile would make it better. She was probably one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. When I first started here, I was scared of this department. But she made me feel welcome.

Maggie Lanthier, staff writer, almost 30 years with The Daily News:

Linda will be remembered for many different things to many people. Over the years we shared many good times at work and outside of work. There were a few late nights. I remember once dropping her off and she remained in the car, chatting with me, for about 20 minutes. She was quite a talker. I was thinking about her a lot when I was covering the school board meeting last night. I wanted to ask her what she thought about this or that. We could have shared a laugh because we might have been thinking the same thing. She is missed every day.

Theresa Proudfit, staff writer and photographer, 20 years with The Daily News:

It was the little things. The “Nice photo last night, T,” or the “I really liked your story today.” The daily affirmations that let you know she was paying attention. And it was the big things, too. My wedding day, my father’s death and the birth of my child. In the last 20 years, Lindy was there for all of it. She brought many meals and bought many gifts. She let me know when she saw something funny I posted on Facebook and she loved my dog. She was an ear to bend and a shoulder to cry on. My heart is heavy today.

Rest in peace, Linda. You will be greatly missed.