Great care at the VA medical center

Bouquets & Barbs


Dane Paquette, Kingsford, U.S. Air Force veteran:

I would like to thank everyone at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain and the Milwaukee center for the great and professional care that they gave me and other veterans when I was there after getting a new shoulder. From top to bottom — all the aides, nurses, doctors, desk people, physical therapy people and everyone else –their love and passion for all of us is off the charts.

Paper carriers, drivers weather a rough winter


To our readers:

This winter has been among the most challenging in recent memory for getting The Daily News to your doorstep or mailbox. Lots of snow, then a warm-up that created ice, made it difficult for our drivers and carriers to navigate all but perhaps the main roads, along with turning sidewalks and walkways treacherous enough to keep mail from being delivered. In addition, we lost some of our carriers this winter for various reasons. We appreciate the patience shown by subscribers on days when deliveries ran late or proved not to be possible. For those who did call unhappy when the paper didn’t arrive, we appreciate your passion for getting The Daily News as well. We’ll try to do better now that spring, at least this week, appears to be building strength in the region. But we hope the public, too, will take the time to thank their Daily News carrier if they get the chance, for those times he or she made it through even when tested by weather.