Foster care an important service for children in need

Every child deserves a positive influence in their lives, and foster parents can be that role model kids need.

Though May was Foster Care Awareness Month and we’re already a few days into June, that doesn’t mean you can’t think about becoming a foster parent. As a matter of fact, the foster care system is something that should be a focus all year long.

Journal staffer Renee Prusi put together a fine series on foster care last week. If you didn’t see it, stop in our Marquette office to purchase copies of the papers when it was published or go to the website at www.miningjournal.net, where all our stories are posted.

The foster care series is worth a good, thorough read. Some of these foster children have led difficult lives, lacking the support and stability needed for them to develop into healthy, happy adults.

Thankfully, foster parents like Jackie Judd and her husband have really stepped up. If you’re curious about her story and how many children she’s fostered — we’ll give you a hint, it’s in the double digits — you’ll find it on our website.

It’s safe to say that being a foster parent isn’t for everyone, and it’s not going to be an easy breezy job. There are certain responsibilities and things you must pay attention to so that the child is being cared for appropriately. But the good news is, there is training and a whole network of support out there for foster parents as well.

And the important part is that the kids who need help the most are getting it from a kind person and in a safe and loving home.

Anyone interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent should call Foster Care Navigators at 855-MICHKIDS or visit the website michigan.gov/hopeforahome.