Kids especially need reassurances during troubled times

This week, the U.S. marked a heartbreaking milestone as the death toll from coronavirus broke 100,000. This outbreak, which was deemed a pandemic by the World Health Organization back on March 11, has had a dramatic impact on the entire planet. But what are the long-term effects it will have on our children?

The Associated Press released an article Wednesday titled, “Global pandemic: Through the eyes of the world’s children.” Here are a few of the responses:

Elena Moretti, 11, of Italy, said she is afraid of the virus. “I’m afraid it might spread even more and take all of us,” Moretti said.

Niki Jolene Berghamre-Davis, 11, of Australia, believes that the world will flourish as a result of this pandemic. “I think people won’t take things for granted anymore,” she said.

During quarantine, Niki Jolene drew a self-portrait of herself facing a grove of trees.

“I have a face mask in my hand,” she says holding up the drawing, “because, well, I’ve just kind of taken it off, and I’m still aware.”

Others believe an extremely cautious approach is the best course of action. “They shouldn’t reopen until the time there are zero cases left,” said Uddhav Pratap of India.

Owen Watson, 12, lives in a remote northern section of Canada. At the time of the article, there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus in their town. However, Watson thinks it’s only a matter of time before the virus arrives. “If it gets here,” he says, “I’ll be more afraid.”

Baneen Ahmed, 10, of Jordan, had a positive outlook, despite all the negativity in the world right now. “My future is going to be good,” she said.

Throughout this whole process, some of us may have been too busy just keeping up with home schooling and all the normal requirements we are faced with in life to consider what our children are thinking about all of this.

We recommend that parents take a moment to discuss it with their kids, and assure them that there really is a better world on the other side of this mess.


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