Decisions about education should be made carefully

We don’t think there’s any argument with the statement that this has been one of the strangest school years in history thanks to the coronavirus and the disease it can lead to, COVID-19.

Schools were emptied in most parts of the country in March and students did not return to those buildings to finish out of the 2019-2020 school year to prevent everyone from spreading the virus.

Learning did not stop, however, as remote methods allowed parents to work with teachers and help their children complete much of what was already planned as lessons.

This strange school year is wrapping up, so what comes next is the decision about what the 2020-2021 school year will entail.

We are proponents of the notion that this topic should be approached with great caution and much common sense.

As we watch infections rise again in some parts of the United States, we are reminded that many of the best minds in our country are working on developing a vaccine to protect us from the virus.

And many people are, thankfully, willing to take precautions — like wearing a mask — while solutions are being sought.

We have great respect for those involved in Michigan’s school system. We will watch with interest as plans for the future are made. We encourage thoughtful discussion and much parental involvement.

The war against COVID-19 is not close to being over. We hope everyone keeps that in mind as the discussions continue.


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