Enjoys seeing good news on front page of The Daily News

Bouquets and Barbs

Bouquets to the writers and photographers of the Daily News who have been doing an outstanding job of presenting wonderful, uplifting stories and pictures on the middle of the front page recently. It is so refreshing to see credit given to people who are helping to make our world a better place … instead of all the type that is used to describe the daily political in-fighting, dissension, negativity and suffering/illness that is rampant. We don’t need a newspaper to glorify this; it’s constantly on everyone’s mind and on every TV station.

The recent photo of the horse/buggy that was stranded in Norway and how the good people came to their aid and did everything to provide comfort to the people and the horse involved, as well as to reconstruct/fix the broken wheel, just goes to show the elements of kindness, compassion and talent of those around us.

Please continue to report and spotlight the GOOD NEWS and the contributions of the wonderful, caring and involved people in our area.


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