Health care workers the true heroes in age of pandemic

Bouquets and Barbs

Bouquet: Recently my sister and I were able to view up close the true meaning of heroism and sacrifice when our mother, Char Johnson, passed away. She was 91 years old and had been at ManorCare Health and Rehabilitation Center for several years. Her final illness was complicated by COVID-19, as has been the case for so many of our beloved elderly in this age of pandemic.

When my sister and I were aware that the end was near, we determined to remain as close as possible to her so she would know she was loved and prayed for as the end approached. Knowing that our presence in the home was not legally possible by order of the state, we dressed for winter and spent eight days and several nights outside her window, either in chairs or in our car. At all times we were in contact with the administration of ManorCare and with staff members caring for Mom. They updated us regularly as to her status and were extremely caring and attentive, both to her and to us. In her last hours, each of us were given a turn to be in her room with her, and we are assured she knew herself to be loved by her family and her God. Through this experience, we closely observed health care workers at their finest.

In all the time Mom was a resident at ManorCare, we observed nothing but kindness, care and professionalism. During the COVID months, we saw much heroism and humble sacrifice in the midst of an extremely difficult situation. Staff members worked extended hours, doing tasks that were far beyond their ordinary job, and exhibited love and care for their patients and their families.

All our health care workers deserve our respect and our prayers for the extraordinary way they have handled the challenges we are all now facing. COVID-19 is now rampant in our community and our health care workers daily risk their personal safety and their family’s safety to provide all of us with the needed services. It is time to encourage and thank these people fighting for our lives. They are TRUE heroes!


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