Grateful for White Birch neighborhood

Bouquets and Barbs

Bouquet: Every day I count my blessings. And that so often includes the neighborhood in which I live. Although Iron Mountain lacks when it comes to shopping, the people here make up for it. However, Mr. Bill Neuens is changing a lot of that. He is bringing new life to this city. His creative business sense is spectacular.

Now, about my neighborhood: I live in White Birch East Mobile Home Park, a retirement community. It is all elderly people. But they all look out for each other and help one another out. Just recently, two residents noticed my skirting needed attention. They took it upon themselves to come over and spend two days repairing it, without accepting any pay! Another neighbor offered to make a trip to the dump for me and helped me last winter with snow removal; he dug my car out for me during our last big snowfall as well as other times. Many times, several of my neighbors have snow-blowed for me.

And so many are just plain friendly. I have never, ever, lived in such a neighborhood! Accolades to the residents of White Birch East! We also have a great park manager.


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