Laser show a great fireworks alternative for those with PTSD

As everyone around the country gears up for their upcoming Fourth of July celebrations, the Marquette area has plenty of exciting events planned to celebrate the red, white and blue, with one of the most unique and thoughtful being the laser light show on the evening of July 4.

For many, fireworks are one of the major pillars of Independence Day. But for veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the sudden loud bangs can be a particularly difficult experience.

The National Center for PTSD elaborates on the challenges faced by those who suffer from PTSD.

“Even though fireworks are meant to entertain us, it is not uncommon for the sounds, intense light or smells to cause distress. Those who have gone through a trauma that included explosions, gunfire, loud noises or fire may be more likely to find fireworks to be a reminder — a trigger or cue — of such past events,” their website states.

“Fireworks are loud, with bright flashes of light, creating smoke and burning smells. There are often crowds gathered to watch displays, and loud music may be typical. Any of these sounds, sights or smells may serve as trauma reminders. For veterans, fireworks may cue memories of combat or explosions; and certain military-related celebrations may also raise distress. For others, fireworks may be reminders of intense fires or gun violence.”

This is why we applaud the Marquette Area Fourth of July Fireworks Committee’s laser light show. This event gives an opportunity for everyone to celebrate and enjoy Independence Day.

The laser light show, which will be displayed on the Ore Dock in Downtown Marquette at dusk, can also be a great experience for those with small children or skittish pets who may not cope well with the loud, sudden noises.

For more information on the laser light show and a full list of Fourth of July activities, go to www.marquettefourth.com.


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