Late delivery, poor service from USPS

Bouquets and Barbs

Barb: What is happening with our mail service?

I live in Evergreen Heights of Kingsford. For the last two-plus weeks out mail delivery has gone down the tubes! One day we didn’t even receive delivery.

On Monday, we received it around 5:45 p.m., which lately, that isn’t the latest! But, it so happens my mail that day involved two automobile titles and an important letter from one of my credit cards. They were all VERY wet. I am saying the automobile title was soaked. Immediately, I opened it and laid it our to dry. Hopefully it will be fine.

Oh, I might add, I was waiting for the mail in my front yard and they went right by my house but then stopped and backed up to give me my wet mail.

Anybody know what is happening with our U.S. Postal Service?


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