Fence woman finalist for Packers Fan Hall of Fame

Amy Nelson of Fence, Wisconsin, is one of 10 finalists for the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame. (Submitted Photo)

Amy Nelson, a life-long and faithful supporter of the Green Bay Packers from Fence, Wisconsin, is a finalist for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame.

An adult with Down’s Syndrome, she loves the excitement of Packers’ games and enjoys the bonds they create with friends and family, according to her brother, Andrew Nelson.

“No matter the outcome of games, nor the wins and losses of a season, Amy always remains a true Packers fan,” said Andrew Nelson, who nominated his sister for the award. “From memorizing player jersey numbers to committing the annual schedule to memory, Amy has an encyclopedic memory of all things Packers.”

Amy is a big fan of Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.

“I am very excited and want to win,” she said. “It would be an honor to be in the Packers Fan Hall of Fame.”

At home, she is the head cheerleader each game day.

“Through each week of the season, she recites the schedule and checks in with family members to see who will be joining her to watch the game and recruits anyone who doesn’t immediately commit to joining the party,” Andrew said. “Whether pre-season, regular season or playoffs, game day is a weekly highlight for Amy as she plans her green and gold wardrobe, snacks, and seating arrangements.

“By kick-off she is sure to have taken her seat in the front row at home to watch the game unfold and offer words of encouragement as needed.”

She also shares her Packers spirit with the community. Employed by Wausaukee Enterprises, she is known for her love of the green and gold and never misses a chance to show off her impressive collection of team jerseys, other Packer apparel, jewelry, and accessories.

“On glamour days during the season when she gets a manicure at work, she has requested green and gold nail polish on more than one occasion,” Andrew said. “Perhaps most importantly, Amy is a great example of true team spirit by supporting the team through the ups and downs of each season and through the passing years.

“Amy’s faithful and positive outlook at all times is an example all Packers fans should follow. For this reason, the Packers Fan Hall of Fame needs Amy Nelson among its members to set an example for all Packers fans around the world.”