Softball: Kingsford wins 3 in Saturday tourney

KINGSFORD — The Kingsford Flivvers pounded out 33 hits as a team to win all three of their games in a home tournament on Saturday.

The Flivvers capped the windy day with a narrow 8-7 win against Rapid River in the afternoon.

“We have a team batting average of over .400 — they can swing the bat,” Kingsford coach Kevin Murdock said. “It’s hard to give someone the bunt sign when they can hit like this.”

Kingsford rallied with five two-out hits including two triples and a double, scoring five runs in the third inning for a 5-3 lead.

“We came over to win them all but we didn’t play up to our potential this last game,” Rapid River coach George Kanyuh said. “We were actually lucky to be just one run down there. We play these guys next weekend and we’ll see where that takes us.”

The Rockets added a run in the bottom of the third before Kingsford added three more runs in the fourth.

Rapid River made four errors in the loss.

“We’re capable of hitting better, we didn’t,” Kanyuh said. “We made way too many mistakes which led to their next three runs. If we don’t make those mistakes, maybe we win this one 7-5.”

Kingsford also beat Niagara-Forest Park 12-2 and Calumet 5-1.

The tournament did not include a trophy but was rather more of a round-robin style.

Murdock said Rapid River was a good opponent to face because of their strong small ball game having an ability to put runners on base by stringing bunts and hits together. That’s exactly what the Rockets did Saturday.

Rapid River scored in the first three innings but found themselves trailing. Despite trailing, their runs came on soft flares and seeing-eye singles through the infield. The Rockets had just two extra-base hits including a double and triple. The Flivvers had six extra-base hits, including three doubles and three triples.

Rapid River threatened with a three-run sixth. Kingsford’s defense buckled down to strand the bases loaded.

Cassie Barglind pitched a complete game for Kingsford, giving seven runs (five earned) on 10 hits with seven walks and 10 strikeouts.

“Cassie, you just think when she started in that first inning with a couple walks, it would have been easy for her to fold,” Murdock said. “But she didn’t fold, she kept battling hard. She was a worker today.”

Brittany Schwarz pitched for Rapid River, giving up eight runs (six earned) on 11 hits with no walks and five strikeouts.

Kingsford’s Molly Wahoviak was 3 for 4 with two RBIs and two runs scored. Tori Kowalkowski was 2 for 2 with two runs scored. Sydney Wickman was 2 for 4 with two RBIs and a run scored. Sabrina Wickman had two RBIs. Katy Hicks and Emily Curtis also had an RBI apiece.

Lexi Trombley, Rhiley Hubert and Shelby Lacosse each had two hits for Rapid River. Trombley had two RBIs and scored two runs for the Rockets.

Iron Mountain beat Forest Park-Niagara but lost to Rapid River and Calumet. Statistics for the Mountaineers games were not made available to The Daily News and Mountaineers coach Dean Lefebvre did not respond to requests for comment.

The Forest Park team is playing a season of exhibition games and scrimmages this year before entering its inaugural season next year. Some Niagara players joined the team while others were said to have missed because they attended prom.

Kingsford hosts Norway on Monday, while Iron Mountain hosts Gladstone.