Sage Run Golf Course grand opening delayed

Sage Run Golf Course grand opening delayed

HARRIS — The bad news: a rainy spring and summer has postponed the soft opening of Sage Run Golf Course. The good news: an even better grand opening is scheduled for June 14, 2018.

Tony Mancilla, general manager of Island Resort and Casino, said plans for a soft opening this fall just didn’t materialize.

“We got eight holes planted last year and we didn’t have time to get all the holes planted,” Mancilla said. “We were looking at nine holes this year, but we had a lot of rain. There’s nothing we could do about Mother Nature.

“Right now we are focusing on the other 10 holes. We want everyone to see it as a full eighteen. There is a lot of anticipation. A lot of people are calling and want to get a package. It will really take off.”

Sage Run is located eight miles southwest of Island Resort and Casino.

Mancilla said Sage Run was the center piece of a project approved two years ago at Island Resort & Casino that included a sports bar, spa and remodeling of the lobby. He said the permit process also took while, the property for Sage Run was logged and cleared two winters ago and 80 percent of the course was built last summer.

Mancilla also said two new air-conditioned 12-person shuttle vehicles have been purchased and will be used to transport golfers from Island Resort and Casino to Sage Run and back.

Meanwhile, Sweetgrass Golf Course has enjoyed a strong golf season.

“We are having a great year,” Mancilla said. “Even with the rainy days, we are up six to eight percent. We had a lot of traffic this year. Golf is up for us right now.”

Sweetgrass will close for play on Sunday, Oct. 15 and reopen next spring.