Tennis: Flivvs beat IM 6-0 in season opener

Kingsford's Stephanie List downed Iron Mountain's Jorden Stoner 6-3, 6-4 in the girls tennis season opener Wednesday. (Burt Angeli/The Daily News)

KINGSFORD — Kingsford blanked Iron Mountain 6-0 to launch the high school girls tennis season Wednesday.

The Flivvers also played two other matches, beating shorthanded Munising 5-0 and losing to Menominee 5-0.

Stephanie List, returning at No. 1 singles for the Flivvers, defeated Iron Mountain’s Jorden Stoner 6-3, 6-4 and Munising’s Taylor Downs 6-2, 6-4. List and Menominee’s Emma Anttila played to a 6-2, 3-6 draw.

“Stephanie played very well today,” said new Kingsford Coach Sarah Massie, noting that List and No. 4 singles Lizzy Cross each lost only one of six sets Wednesday.

“It was nice to get the first day of matches under our belt and to see where we’re at compared to some other teams,” Massie said. “We played short sets where you start at 2-2, but did not play a tiebreaker if two people each won one set. This is why there are some ties.”

Munising did not have a No. 4 singles player. Flivvers No. 1 doubles Annie McCole-Grace Lorenzoni tied the Mustangs’ Chantelle Haryer-Mikayla McNally-Palmer.

Kingsford and Menominee tied at No. 1 singles, No. 4 singles and No. 4 doubles. At. No. 1 doubles, Maroons’ Josie Hofer-Jenna Nolde spilled McCole-Lorenzoni 6-3, 6-4.

The Flivvers host West Iron County today and the Kingsford Invitational on Saturday.

“Between this week and next week, we play six days of matches, so our lineup will be continually changing while we try to figure who plays best in each position,” Massie said. “I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”

The Mountaineers bowed to Menominee 5-2 and defeated Munising 4-2.

“We played well,” said Mountaineers coach Tony Tatangelo. “Several of my girls played their first match ever. We saw a lot of success as well as areas we need to improve on.”

Stoner topped the Maroons’ Anttila 6-3, 6-4 and the Mustangs’ Downs 6-2, 6-2. Tatangelo also cited the play of No. 2 singles Macy McCormick.

“Jorden Stoner saw a lot of success now playing at the one singles position,” Tatangelo said. “She was nervous coming into day but quickly got down to business.”

“Macy McCormick also saw success. The work in the off-season that Jorden and Macy did showed today.”

Tatangelo also recognized No. 1 doubles Saylor Swartout and Claire Mongrain.

“They had several good shots, serves and communicated well together,” Tatangelo said.

Mountaineer singles Arianna Morel and Danika Juul took their first wins in the Munising match.

Iron Mountain faces Westwood and Ishpeming today, and participates Saturday in the Kingsford Invitational.