Flivvers honored

Kingsford High School Photo

Kingsford High School boys basketball head coach Dan Olkkonen along with senior players Tyler Beauchamp, left, and Luke Terrian hold the Basketball Coaches of Michigan’s sportsmanship award banner. The award, sponsored by Pure Sweat Basketball, recognizes the top 100 teams in the state for good sportsmanship. “Kingsford High School coaches, players and fans should be proud for being selected for this sportsmanship award for the 2017-2018 season,” said KHS Principal Lyle Smithson. “This program’s goal is to recognize high schools for good sportsmanship and to encourage and remind people of the importance of sportsmanship at high school athletic events.” Schools are selected through an evaluation system where basketball officials rate the sportsmanship of each school’s coaches, players, fans and administrators after each game.