Newberry drops to Class D with latest MHSAA classifications

Newberry High School will drop from Class C to Class D for the 2019-20 school year. Classifications for Michigan High School Athletic Association elections and postseason tournaments for the year were announced, with enrollment breaks for postseason tournaments posted for each sport.

Traditional classes A through D are used only for MHSAA elections and football playoffs — in 11-player to determine teams’ point values and in 8-player to determine if schools are eligible to compete in the MHSAA playoffs (Class D teams only).

All other sports tournaments are established by division.

Schools were recently notified of their classification. MHSAA executive director Mark Uyl said schools may not subsequently lower their enrollment figure.

If revised enrollment figures are higher and indicate a school should be playing in a higher division, the school would be moved up.

Schools have the option to play at any higher division for a minimum of two years, but must exercise the option by May 1 for fall sports, Aug. 15 for winter sports and Oct. 15 for spring sports.

Enrollment breaks by classes are: Class A at 863 students and above, Class B 395 to 862, Class C 189 to 394 and Class D 188 and below. Classifications for the upcoming school year are based on a second semester count date, which was taken Feb. 13 this year.