Carey, Maki win Lake Antoine Classic 15K

At left, Elina Maki, of Iron Mountain, finishes first in the female division of the 15K during the 42nd annual Lake Antoine Classic on Saturday in Iron Mountain. Dan Carey, right, of Iron Mountain, was first in the male division of the 15K. (Adam Niemi/Iron Mountain Daily News)

IRON MOUNTAIN — A pair of Iron Mountain natives won the male and female 15K run during the 42nd annual Lake Antoine Classic on Saturday.

Dan Carey and Elina Maki braved heat and humidity in winning with times of 1:07:46 and 1:23:26, respectively.

The LAC, a fundraiser for local Special Olympics athletes, raised about $3,400, LAC organizer Kathy Kulas said.

“We do raise money for Special Olympics,” Kulas said. “We have over 100 participants today. It’s down some but everybody seems to be having a good time.”

Iron Mountain’s Lucas Cavalieri won the 5-mile with a time of 31:23.44. Melissa Wentarmini, of Iron Mountain, took the female division with a time of 37:51.66.

Kaleb Fornetti, in the 11-12 age group from Quinnesec, won the 2-mile male division at 14:29.10. Cailyn Branback of Kingsford won the female division at 19:19.18.

Kulas said registration, with about 100 runners and walkers, was down from years past. She said the Pine Mountain 500, held Sunday morning, was a factor.

The LAC began in hot conditions, at 72 degrees with 79 percent humidity. As the race tapered to an end, the temperature had climbed to 79 degrees with 65 percent humidity. The LAC finished well ahead of a thunderstorm that moved in around 1 p.m., bringing a downpour.

The money raised from the LAC goes to Special Olympics expenses, area director Laura Doney said.

“The race helps us out with our expenses throughout the year for athletes going to and from events and training and the cost of registration,” Doney said. “This race always means a lot to our program and how well we do on the race benefits what we can do for the Special Olympians.”

Doney said the Dickinson and Iron county area boasts 65 athletes.

“They’re always happy to compete and the training and friendships they get from this is amazing,” Doney said. “This is our biggest fundraiser that we have.”


15K — 1. Elina Maki, 1:23:26; 2. Mary-Kay Aufrance, 1:26:05; 3. Katie Steinbrecher, 1:31:48; 4. Sarah Wolfenberg, 1:35:05; 5. Sandy Nault, 1:46:11

5-mile — 1. Melissa Wentarmini, 37:51.66; 2. Sarah Kulas, 39:00.75; 3. Emma Johnson, 39:04.92; 4. Andrea Wodzinski, 39:46.91; 5. Erica Nelson, 39:48.13

2-mile — 1. Cailyn Branback, 19:19.18; 2. Sylvie Jaspen, 19:36.48; 3. Casey Jaspen-Tappy, 20:16.23. 4. Emery Fornetti, 22:06.12; 5. Julie Visintainer, 24:00.26.


15K — 1. Dan Carey, 1:07:46; 2. Paul Johns, 1:15:29; 3. Barry Voss, 1:15:54; 4. Ryan Paruch, 1:16:37; 5. Nicholas Kasbohm, 1:18:13.

5-mile — 1. Lucas Cavalieri, 31:23.44; 2. Mark Hallmann, 31:50.10; 3. Drew Richmond, 32:00.55; 4. Michael Kulas, 33:15.13; 5. Kevin Socia, 33:23.25.

2-mile — 1. Kaleb Fornetti, 14:29.10; 2. Evan Parker, 15:16.36; 3. Nathan Ruble, 15:17.88; 4. Benjamin Sromalski, 17:11.66; 5. Michael Bachand, 17:54.91.