Predators earn league awards

Karen Klenke photo Northern Elite Predators football co-op program recently had its annual awards banquet. The team is comprised of players from Niagara, Goodman-Armstrong Creek and Pembine-Beecher-Dunbar high schools. They belong to the MONLPC-Small Conference. Receiving major honors, from left, are: Austin Plonke, most improved; Destany Bourassa, Predator Award; Josh Wallschlager, MVP; and Trenton Rea, lineman.

NIAGARA, Wis. — Northern Elite Predators filled 12 positions on the All-MONLP Small 11 Conference team.

Junior back and kicker Andrew Niven, senior tight end Josh Wallschlaeger and junior lineman Gabe Wysocki earned all-conference first-team berths. Sophomore back Landon Kalkofen and linebacker Wallschlaeger made the first-team defense.

Kalkofen was named to the second-team offensive backfield with junior Trentan Rea on the line. The second-team defense had Predators’ senior back Austin Plonke, linebackers Niven and Wysocki and lineman Rea.

Two players from conference champion Coleman claimed three player of the year awards — senior Hunter Woulf, offensive and defensive lineman; and senior linebacker John Bieber, defense. Crivitz senior quarterback Jaden Werner was selected the offensive player of the year.

Coleman freshman Owen Kinzinger was named to the first-team offensive backfield.




QB — Jaden Werner, Crivitz, 12

Back — Tyler Blanchard, Coleman, 11; Owen Kinzinger, Coleman, 9; Tony Jopek, Crivitz, 12; Andrew Niven, NEP, 11

Tight End — Josh Wallschlaeger, NEP, 12

Wide Receiver — Payton Nelson, Coleman, 12; Brad Shepherd, Crandon, 12; Dawson Andrist, Crivitz, 12

Line — John Bieber, Coleman, 12; Hunter Woulf, Coleman, 12; Spencer Karban, Coleman, 11; John Danielson, Crivitz, 11; Gabe Wysocki, NEP, 11

Kicker — Andrew Niven, NEP, 11


QB — Cayden Bintz, Coleman, 11

Back — Breed Shepard, Crandon, 12; Landon Kalkofen, NEP, 10

Tight End — Dillan Gehm, Crivitz’ 9

Wide Receiver — Eian Baumann, Crivitz, 12

Line — Brody Zahn, Coleman, 10; Carter Bissonette, Crandon, 10; Nick Adamski, Crandon, 11; Kevin Krychowiak, Crivitz, 11; Trentan Rea, NEP, 11

Kicker — Payton Nelson, Coleman, 11



Back — Payton Nelson, Coleman, 12; Brad Shepherd, Crandon, 12; Dawson Andrist, Crivitz, 12; Landon Kalkofen, NEP, 10

Linebacker — John Bieber, Coleman, 12; Breed Shepard, Crandon, 12; Tony Jopek, Crivitz, 12; Josh Wallschlaeger, NEP, 12

Line — Brody Darga, Coleman, 12; Brody Zahn, Coleman, 10; Aaron Sellen, Crivitz, 11

End — Hunter Woulf, Coleman, 12; Tyler Blanchard, Coleman, 11; Kevin Krychowiak, Crivitz, 11

Punter — Cayden Bintz, Coleman, 12; Jaden Werner, Crivitz, 12


Back — Noah Nosgovitz, Coleman, 10; Austin Plonke, NEP, 12

Linebacker — Keyan Colburn, Crandon, 12; Dillan Gehm, Crivitz, 9; Andrew Niven, NEP, 11; Gabe Wysocki, NEP, 11

Line — Chaz Sleeter, Coleman, 12; Mitchell Zorn, Crivitz, 11; Trentan Rea, NEP, 11

Ends — Tyler Marvin, Crandon, 11


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