ScuttleBu(r)t: Nordics football team riding in style


ScuttleBu(r)t …

North Dickinson’s eight-player football program drew national attention again.

Washington Post profiled Coach Mike Christian’s squad a couple years ago. The latest is from Chevrolet’s “New Roads” magazine, offering a nice spread of pictures and a story about the Nordics using a 2019 Traverse High Country for a week “to see how its flexible space would stand up to the team’s needs.”

Christian, according to writer Anne Nagro, drives some players to and from practice. That can be a trip of more than 30 miles. The Traverse was able to handle six football gear-wearing Nordics comfortably.

“I loved the whole vehicle,” Christian said.

As for the team in this “super community,” Christian likes the way football brings together student-athletes.

“By the end of the year they’re a team,” Christian said. “They’re sticking up for each other, they’re defending each other, they hang out together where they may not have before that.

“Most of the time by the end of the season they consider themselves family.”

Not sure if this is from FOX college football analyst Joel Klatt, “Steady Freddy” Jacobs or the Kalamazoo College baseball co-captain noting a “spiritual sense” at Michigan Stadium: “It’s like the mecca of college football, the heartbeat, the Colosseum.”

Bob McGinn, the UP and Pro Football Hall of Fame scribe from Escanaba, writes in The Athletic that tight ends over the past five games have torched the Green Bay Packers for 32 passes and 500 yards.

“Each week, opposing tight ends and wide receivers have been running free in the middle of the defense,” McGinn wrote. “It’s a telltale of a poorly coached unit, which starts with (defensive coordinator Mike) Pettine but also includes the seven assistant coaches working beneath him and coach Matt LaFleur.”

As for the Packers’ Rashan Gary, McGinn says the linebacker is “more akin to that of a late-round draft choice or free agent than the No. 12 pick in the draft.”

Milwaukee Brewers personnel collected $14,292.30 apiece for losing their wild-card game. The World Series-champion Nationals took home $382, 358.18.

Riley Angeli, one of my favorite nephews, works for the Nationals. Wonder if he got a cut? …

From Fox Sports’ Skip Bayless, on the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers passing for only 104 yards and 0-for-13 on third down against the 49ers: “Mr. Rogers could have done better than that.”

Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal wonders why the Brothers Osborne performed for the Lions-Bears game in Detroit: “Given the city’s heritage of rhythm and blues, rock, rap, hip hop, gospel, blues, jazz, punk and techno, who decided the city should be repped at halftime by a country music duo from Maryland?”


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