Norway boys place 2nd in Skyline meet

RAPID RIVER — Mid Peninsula senior Landry Koski continued to lead the way among area girls’ cross country runners here Wednesday, earning her first Skyline Central Conference title.

Koski covered the 3.1-mile course in 22 minutes, 5.4 seconds on this sunny and warm day, marking the third straight year a Mid Pen runner was crowned league champion.

Daisy Englund, now running at Ferris State University, copped the SCC title the past two seasons.

“I actually felt pretty good today, even with the heat,” said Koski. “It was nice in the woods. There was a lot of shade and a few small hills on the course. I always try to stride it out down the hills and drive up them. My mom (Julie) and I, when we run together, and coach (Mark Branstrom) emphasize the importance of doing that. This was my last Skyline Central race. I really wanted to win this one. Without Daisy, I wouldn’t be the runner I am now.”

Munising, which took the next four places, retained its title with 18 points. Superior Central squeezed past Stephenson 53-54 for runner-up honors.

The Stephenson boys grabbed four of the top eight places and were crowned champions with 25 points. Runner-up Norway scored 69.

Munising junior Jenna Matson was girls’ runner-up at 22:39.5, followed by Monique Brisson (23:11.6), Hattie Cota (24:14.5) and Sabryna Smith (24:15.8).

“Overall, everything went good,” said Matson. “It was very hot, and there was a lot of sand on the course, which slowed everybody down. I always try to hang with Monique. We normally go back and forth.”

Junior Taylor Adams represented Norway with a sixth-place finish (24:20).

“This is my second year being the only girl on the team, and I’ve gotten used to it,” she said. “I like to watch the boys run and cheer them on. I’m happy with how my race went. I was hoping my legs wouldn’t be hurting, and today they felt good. This is a confidence builder going into our last three races. It wasn’t as hot over here as I thought it would be.”

Munising freshman Trevor Nolan won the boys’ race at 18:23.3, followed by Stephenson junior Griffin Brown (19:08.1), Munising’s Kalan Mulye (19:37.1) and Stephenson’s Buckley Corey (20:02.3) and Ethyn Lusardi (20:30.1).

“Trevor ran a heck of a race,” said Brown. “I tried to stay with him, and we ran a pretty fast first mile. He stayed strong the entire race.”

Norway’s Brent Lagina placed seventh (21:06.7).

Most SCC schools resume in Monday’s Norway Invitational.


Stephenson 25, Norway 69. Munising, Rapid River, Mid Peninsula, Superior Central and North Central NTS.

Top 10 — 1, Trevor Nolan, Munising, 18:23.3; 2, Griffin Brown, Stephenson, 19:08.1; 3, Kaelan Mulye, Munising, 19:37.1; 4, Buckley Corey, Stephenson, 20:02.3; 5, Ethyn Lusardi, Stephenson, 20:30.1; 6, Tyler Engel, Stephenson, 20:41.1; 7, Brent Lagina, Norway, 21:06.7; 8, Donny Strazzinski, Stephenson, 21:11.1; 9, Jace Holmio, Rapid River, 21:22.8; 10, Jesse Sampson, North Central, 21:30.6.


Munising 18, Superior Central 53, Stephenson 54. Mid Peninsula, Rapid River, North Central and Norway NTS.

Top 10 — 1, Landry Koski, Mid Peninsula, 22:05.4; 2, Jenna Matson, Munising, 22:39.5; 3, Monique Brisson, Munising, 23:11.6; 4, Hattie Cota, Munising, 24:14.5; 5, Sabryna Smith, Munising, 24:15.8; 6, Taylor Adams, Norway, 24:20; 7, Kayela Putnam, Stephenson, 24:27.3; 8, Emma Sundling, Rapid River, 25:11.9; 9, Bree Swajanen, Superior Central, 25:16.3; 10, Gracie Kleikamp, North Central, 25:37.5.


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