Northern Saddle Club earns grant for fresh water project

Florence County group maintains two equestrian trail systems

Cruiser enjoys a drink thanks to the efforts of the Northern Saddle Club, a riding group in Florence County that maintains two equestrian trail systems.

FLORENCE, Wis. — Northern Saddle Club Inc. has received a $5,754 grant from the Lumberjack Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc. for a fresh water project.

The club is installing a potable water source at the Hall’s Creek equestrian trail head and boat landing.

The cost of installing a well with hand pump is about $10,000. Northern Saddle Club will have fundraisers and is looking into other grant programs to help pay for this project and other club goals for improving the equestrian-friendly facility.

“The Northern Saddle Club would like to thank the Florence County Board members, the Florence County Forestry and Parks Department, and the Florence County Land Conservation Committee for supporting the project,” said Heidi Dumke, club president.

The vision of Northern Saddle Club is to work with landowners and land management organizations to preserve and ensure safe riding areas for present and future equestrian enthusiasts.

The NSC was established in 1999. It is a non-profit, family-oriented trail riding group in Florence County that helped develop and maintains two equestrian trail systems, Halls Creek and Bush Lake Flats, with a trail connecting the two trailheads in Homestead on Florence County land. The trails also are open to hunters, hikers and silent sport enthusiasts.

The NSC wishes to promote natural resources and increase the quality of life for visitors and their animal companions through the availability of potable water at the Halls Creek equestrian friendly trail head, campground, and Halls Lake boat landing, Dumke said.

The fresh water project will:

— Provide safe drinking water on site, which will allow increased usage by day visitors as well as multi-night users.

— Provide hikers and silent sports enthusiasts with a resting facility with the availability of potable water.

— Offer boaters the chance to protect our natural resources with the ability to wash boats and kayaks off, therefore reducing the threat of transferring invasive species to other water sources.

— Provide hunters with the ability to water and rinse their canine companions with safe, potable water.

— Offer campers a necessary convenient water source to be able to completely extinguish embers in their designated fire pits to eliminate the chances of wildfires.

— Deliver a potable water source to eliminate the unnecessary financial and emotional burden of caring for a sick person or animal companion that has been inflicted with a waterborne illness.

New members, clubs, and businesses are always welcomed to join the NSC; horse ownership is not required to become a member. NSC membership forms are available at northernsaddleclub.org.

For more information, contact Dumke at 906-396-7457 or email: northernsaddleclub@yahoo.com.

To make a donation to the “Fresh Water Project,” mail checks payable to “Northern Saddle Club” to P.O. Box 312, Florence, WI 54121.

The Lumberjack Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc. is a multi-county, nonprofit in northeastern Wisconsin that strives to enhance area natural resources, promote a higher standard of living and improve the quality of life for area citizens by fostering partnerships between public and private sectors and strategically investing in area natural resources.


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