Detroit Lions’ Matt Patricia among NFL coaches on hot seat

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia pats wide receiver Marvin Hall during pregame of their NFL game on Oct. 4 in Detroit. (AP file photo)


AP Pro Football Writer

Bill O’Brien went first. Dan Quinn was next.

There will be others.

The firing line for NFL head coaches is heavily populated. O’Brien, who also was Texans general manager, lasted four games, all defeats. Quinn got one more week in Atlanta — and one more loss — before being canned.

Who’s next? In a season disrupted by a pandemic, is it even fair to be dismissing coaches who basically only in the last week or two reached the level of regular season preparation?

Probably not. Then again, team owners see two figures before anything else: Ws and Ls. Actually, Ls and then Ws.

There’s little promise in New Jersey, Detroit, Jacksonville and Denver.


The weird stats say it all here.

The Lions are the second team in league history to open 1-3 after leading by at least 10 points in each loss. Patricia is 2-15 in his last 17 games and 10-25-1 in two-plus seasons. And the Lions are the first team in NFL history to lose six straight games in which they led by double digits.

He has a high-quality quarterback in Matthew Stafford and some top receivers. But his forte, defense, has been, well, offensive.

In a division where Green Bay and Chicago got it right with their coaching changes, Detroit almost surely will be making a change soon.


Marrone was handed a bad deal from the outset, with the Jaguars jettisoning much of the talent on hand, particularly on defense. The Jaguars have lost four straight and have allowed 30 or more points in each of them — the third such streak in franchise history.


Here’s how bad it’s gotten with the J-E-T-S: It’s a good thing fans aren’t allowed in MetLife Stadium.

These Jets are being compared to the 1996 team that opened 0-8 and went 1-15 under Rich Kotite. Exiled already are their two most talented players, safety Jamal Adams and running back Le’Veon Bell, who emoji’d his way out.

Gase has won few friends and seems to have failed in helping the injury-prone Sam Darnold progress as a franchise quarterback.


This one is tricky because the Broncos showed improvement under Fangio last season, and then lost star linebacker Von Miller and a bunch of other players in September. Drew Lock, due back Sunday from a shoulder injury, might be the franchise quarterback Denver last had when Peyton Manning was finishing his career.

While his honesty and freshness are welcome, his in-game decisions and time management have been poor.