The martyrdom of Franken

WASHINGTON — With quavering voice and a tinge of stubborn denial, Sen. Al Franken announced that he would resign from office. The Minnesota Democrat’s remarks ...

Michigan minimum wage set to increase

MARQUETTE — After Jan. 1, Michigan workers can expect a little more money in their paychecks. That’s the date the state minimum wage will ...

Due process and taxation

In today’s climate of sexual harassment it seems like due process is being thrown out the window. At present, I feel that the Democrats are eliminating due process ...

Present GOP has lost its credibility

Speak up for net neutrality

A safe and festive holiday

United Way says thank you for another great year

McKinzie presents program on the Healing Lounge at Golden K meeting

Storytime Wednesday at the library

Do you think you will benefit from the federal tax overhaul?

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