LaFave praises road legislation

IRON MOUNTAIN – State Rep. Beau LaFave, R-Iron Mountain, said more money for road repairs is headed to the Upper Peninsula because of legislation signed into law Tuesday.

LaFave supported providing $175 million in additional statewide transportation funding. “The district I represent is 4,000 square miles — and that includes a lot of roads in need of repair,” he said.

Some of the municipalities in line for additional funding include the road commissions for Delta County ($418,066), Dickinson County ($313,720) and Menominee County ($376,372).

Also receiving increased funding are Escanaba ($102,891), Menominee ($72,393), Iron Mountain ($69,973), Gladstone ($48,247), Kingsford ($46,900), Norway ($31,603), Stephenson ($9,488), Powers ($5,225), Daggett ($4,290), Carney ($3,268) and Garden ($2,044) for their local streets. Amounts are estimates, LaFave noted.