North Central made up of more than just Powers

The article about the “Jets having the longest win streak in the U.S.” was appreciated. It was a tribute to very dedicated and gifted athletic young men, some of who graduated in the past two years.

What I didn’t like about the article was the credit going to “a small town of Powers (population 422) in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.”

North Central is three separate towns composed of Hermansville, Spalding and Powers.

The elementary school is in Hermansville.

The Junior High and Senior High School is in Spalding.

The high school administration chooses to get its mail from the Powers post office, and of course, the school has a Powers address.

The original school was called Powers-Spalding and was also in Spalding.

Hermansville had its own school and was a perennial basketball power.

Powers-Spalding consolidated with Hermansville to become North Central and should be mentioned that way.