Those who have wolves should decide on control

In reply to Sarah Payette from Macomb on “Casperson ignores voters on wolves:”

Senate Resolution 105 has passed through an unelected committee, with Senator Casperson as chairman. The committee is chaired by an elected official — our senator, our elected official in the U.P.

You’re worried if it goes to the senate floor that common sense may prevail and urge that wolves be taken off the endangered species list. You say that circumvents Michigan voters’ wishes who voted against wolf hunting. The will of the people, really.

We are tired of judges and animal rights groups in Washington D.C. and Lansing who have no skin in the game, and statewide votes deciding the livelihoods and safety of us here in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

It should be done like a school board millage, municipal elections. If you live in a county with wolves, you can vote on the issue. If your county wants to vote on wolves, then that county needs to accept and receive a breeding pair of wolves. There are 83 counties in Michigan, including Wayne.

We have the right to protect our pets when in our forests hiking, our livestock, rabbit and bear hunters, our deer population for deer hunters and, most of all, our children.

Maybe we should do what Wisconsin legislators are proposing. The bill would end the state’s management of wolves and ignore wolf killing, unless the feds remove wolves from the endangered species list. They had 76 confirmed wolf attacks in 2016.