Due process and taxation

In today’s climate of sexual harassment it seems like due process is being thrown out the window. At present, I feel that the Democrats are eliminating due process by demanding current democratic politicians to step down due to accusations.

What happened to “innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law and not by an ethics committee? It is my belief that this is a process of setting a precedent so they can demand President Donald Trump to resign. I find that thought very unsettling. Some people feel that ethics committees are a government sham to draw out the process until the citizens lose interest or forget altogether, a definite political ploy.

As to taxation, which has been driving business from and or decimating business in this country for a decade or better, it is my opinion that our tax system needs to be revamped desperately if this country wants to survive. I would hate to see this country regress towards a third-world country where there is financial devastation because we have become a welfare state. Some businesses will take advantage of this re-structuring, but many will apply the excess money to improve and advance their business or to start another business, a wise choice in my opinion.

If enough businesses leave our country, we wouldn’t be able to be a welfare state unless we depend on other countries being sympathetic enough to give a helping hand. We have been a generous country trying to help other less fortunate countries. With the current world economy, I don’t foresee many other countries being charitable.

Many countries or entities, such as Palestine/Hamas, have abused that charity. We need to over-see how our charitable distributions are used and in certain situations end it. We also need to rein in our political spending waste. We need to support research that is useful, not useless. We need to reduce overbearing regulation that requires large numbers of employees that result in minimal effect, if any.

It strikes me as unusual that taxpayers should pay to have a stadium built for multi-billion-dollar businesses. It is a shame that our own government set up a slush fund to pay settlements for political wrongdoing of any kind, not just of a sexual nature. Clean up government wasteful spending in all aspects.