Cummings speaks to Golden K

Guest speaker Bill Cummings with Sharon Scholke, Golden K chairman.


For The Daily News

KINGSFORD — After being snowed in for a day or two — missing a Golden K Monday meeting there were lots of happy seniors once again gathering at the First Presbyterian Church in Kingsford ready to put winter behind them and move onto spring.

With the return of many a “snow bird” the fellowship hall at the church reverberated with the happy sounds of singing. Picking up the directors position Margarete Trudell got the group all tuned up and ready for Alyce Derwinski to adjust her position at the piano. With everything in place the fellowship hall filled with music.

Lots of happiness was evident as the Happy Dollars were read. Snow birds happy to be back and very happy to have missed the storm. Everyone happy to see and feel the warmth of the sun and sang a welcome to the guests, Bill Cummings, Kathy Arnold RSVP director and Bruce Stuart, after a long absence, he was looking pretty sharp. Happy Birthday wishes to Bruce Stuart, April 17; Vance Uhazie, April 19 and Bob Tachick, April 22.

Golden K members and friends sang “Auld Lane Syne” in memory of Scott Furlow. He played piano for the Golden Throats at the nursing homes every Wednesday for four years. The Golden Throats, the residents at the nursing homes and Scott shared great memories through his music and the Golden K sends their condolences to the family.

Sharon Scholke, as chairperson for April, read this thought for the day “Ask yourself what is the best thing I can do — then just do it.” Sharon then introduced the guest speaker Bill Cummings, who has certainly taken that thought to heart and is still doing it.

Cummings had a list of warnings. Beware — becoming interested in genealogy can be additive, contagious, exciting, frustrating, educational, and full of surprises. Some welcomed — some not so much. Genealogy “pox” is not fatal, but there is no treatment. Once you indulge yourself in this venture you are hooked. It can become frustrating yet you will be compelled to learn more. You will spend endless hours in libraries, cemeteries, online researching. Bill Cummings has done just that. The Dickinson County Library holds volumes of his research in the historical and genealogical past of the local area. Much of his research has been documented, recorded and placed on file for pubic view in the local library and at museums.

Cummings has information on many of the surrounding communities as well. He brought several of his books along for the Golden K members to screen. There is a website available that has been painstakingly developed for easy access and understanding. Where ever your interest or research leads you the library holds photos, binders of weddings, anniversaries, military information. Businesses past local and regional, city and county. Does your research need to find a grave site. Check the Library it is there and details that accompany that information.

Researching for history or genealogy can be challenging as names and places may not be completely accurate. Thorough investigating can take you back into the early 1800s and you may find things you want to share with your family. The Upper Peninsula has a rich history to share with young and old alike. The library, museums. Websites both local and National are bursting with stories that make this area unique. Cummings and many others have spent endless hours compiling data, pictures, stories and making it all easy to find for those who want to know. Take time to check out your library.

The Golden Throats will sing resume their usual singing schedule at the various nursing homes. Beginning May 7 they will be at Victorian Pines with Alyce Derwinski on piano.

The general meeting for the Golden K will be April 30. Denise DeLano will present her program on “Moving Mountains.” Everyone is welcome to join the Golden K any Monday morning. They begin to filter into the church anytime after 8:30 a.m. There is time to meet and greet each other, grab a cup of coffee, sing a few “oldies,” have a short business meeting and the scheduled program begins at 10:30 a.m. Visitors are welcomed at anytime.