Golden K Club program on auto dealerships

From left, Gary and Sue Proudfit, with Marshall Kesler.


For The Daily News

KINGSFORD — A large crowd of Golden K members and guests gathered Monday morning at the Masonic Temple in Kingsford. This did not deter Alyce Derwinski as she rolled out the piano and with the adept directing of Al Calcari, the entire group got in to singing. With the aid of songbooks the “oldies” were belted out loud and clear, making the rafters ring. Even the younger guests joined in.

Mike Werner as chairman, opened the business meeting. Happy Birthday to John Aune, June 4. Guests welcomed include Lee and Mae Lindstrom, Myrna Magni, Marshall Kesler, Mike Pizzolatto, Kathy Arnold, RSVP representative, and Tamara Juul, director of the Dickinson Area Community Foundation, Arika Wickman, Jenna Johnson and her mother, Michelle Johnson.

The Golden K holds one fundraiser in the fall with their peanut sales. With the generosity and support from the area communities the monies raised enable the Golden K to donate to eight local charities, sponsor parties four times yearly for the special needs children and offer two scholarships of $1,000 each to selected students.

Tamara Juul brings a large selection of students from area schools for the Golden K committee to determine, which two students will be awarded a scholarship. This decision does not come easily. Arika Wickman, Kingsford High School and Jenna Johnson, Norway High School were this year’s recipients. Both students plan to attend Bay College and the Golden K congratulates them both, wishing them much luck in their future endeavors.

Happy dollars included Aggie Cavaiani happy her grandson and great-grandson got to take part in the Memorial Day services at Quinnesec, as members of the American Legion Post 363.

Sue Proudfit took home the winnings from the 50/50 drawing and with that she was also given the honor of introducing her husband, Gary Proudfit, who presented a program on “Automobile Dealers Since the Beginning.”

Proudfit provided everyone with a print-out of various dealerships, dealer names, location and the era/date of the businesses. With the aid of slides, he also took the group on a picture tour of area businesses, older buildings and schools.

Remembering the “old” Pine Grove Country Club, after the forest era passed and there were no trees on the hills in Iron Mountain, then came the mines. Remembering when the road was built to accommodate the time of traveling by automobile. Pictures dating back to the 1800s and the list of car dealerships dating from 1920s to 1970s, Proudfit covered it all and held his audience captive.

One guest, Marshal Kesler, had his dealership, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Studebaker Motorcar and Imperial, on 124 W. B St., Iron Mountain in the 1960s.

Remember, E. G. Kingsford, on South Stevenson, 1927; Blackstone Cab, Herby Hughes on 100 W. B, 1945; Kip Freeman, U.S. 2 Quinnesec, 1967; John Nepper, U.S. 2 Quinnesec, 1965; Tony Demuri, Florence, 1945; Ken Vaught, Florence, 1960; Tusk and Gurley LaFreniere, Norway, 1950; Jack Anderson, Norway, 1945, and Jack Doucette, Niagara, 1970.

Every community has history on every corner and the stories that go with that. Changes are not anything new, just signs of everyday life as it moves forward. An excellent presentation that brought back familiar names and places that remind us that there were those who made these communities what they are today and new faces/businesses are helping these areas continue to be places where people are content, happy and full of life.

The picnic for the special needs children was at City Park in Iron Mountain and serviced about 200 children, teachers, aides, guests and members. Although is was very warm, it was a great day. Thanks to Mary Strahl, who brought her helpers, horses and wagon from Wilson, much to the delight of the children.

Thanks to Florence, Niagara, Crystal Falls, Norway, Woodland and Willis for getting the kids there and back safely. Seniors with tired feet and sore backs would not change this time with these children for anything. Unless one participates it is hard to describe the pure joy that comes from watching them enjoying their day.

The Golden Throats will sing at Wednesday at ManorCare. The Monday general meeting will again be at the Masonic Temple, with Lois Outcelt, with her program on the George Young facility.