Kramer updates Golden K group on county activities

Speaker Barb Kramer, left, and Orice Walters, Golden K Club program chairman.program chairman.

KINGSFORD — The weather has been playing a big part in everyday life lately. The storm that roared through this area last Sunday didn’t wash away the pathway to the Golden K meeting on Monday morning.

As the membership was gathering, Alyce Derwinski set up her music books, nodded to Al Calcari who in turn called out the songs and the group began singing their way into a new week ahead.

Mike Werner, as chairman for the month, took no time in getting the members to their feet and opened the meeting.

After singing Happy Birthday to Orice Walters, (June 23), Don Pedo presented the Happy Dollars. Some of which included John Corson hardly able to contain his excitement for the upcoming week of college baseball World Series, his wife Pat wasn’t available for comment. With the humidity outside, Sandy Soltis was happy to be inside. Shirley Winters was very happy to win the 50/50 drawing making her feel much better after her recent surgery.

Orice Walters was happy to introduce Barb Kramer as the guest speaker. Kramer always comes with a valise full of information. Checking closely, she was not on roller blades, however with the many irons in the fire it makes one wonder how does she get it all done. Many people work diligently in this community to keep things progressing and Kramer does her fair share.

Summarizing a list of things going right in Dickinson County she gave the Golden Kers a quick overview summer events and projects taking place.

Those include:

— Expanding industry — expectations to add 650 jobs within three to five years.

— Northern Lights YMCA renovation, with ground breaking in April 2019 with completion September, 2019. They will be able to sign off the county by Nov. 3.

— Power of Words art murals, the DDA and Svelata Foundation combined efforts under the direction of Mia Tavonatti to make this project possible with a grant from CUPPAD. There will be murals done in Gladstone and Manistique.

— Ogee Trail Network, a new single-track trail network, will start at Marion Park and will connect to the park at Piers Gorge. Work is being done in three phrases and plans to be completed in 2019. Trail will consist of 19 miles of single-track trails for mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing and much more.

— Downtown Iron Mountain Authority generates revenue for grants and the beautification and historic preservation of the downtown district and schedules many fun for all events throughout the year. June had Brew Fest; August will be Italian Fest; September is Oktoberfest; November has Girls Night Out and December is the Christmas Tree Walk/Lighting. Thursdays in the summer is the Out to Lunch program.

— The Dickinson County Library renovations once finished will have better lighting, comfortable seating an additional study room and a new fresh look you will need to come and see.

— New small businesses are popping up all over town. Small business owners are investing and making their dreams a reality in Dickinson County. They are counting on the citizens to do their part in participating locally helping make these dreams come true.

— Lake Antoine Park cleanup. Volunteers are always welcome to come and help with a work bee. With monetary donations from a local business, grant monies and donations of more trees “Lake Antoine Park can once again become the ‘place to go’ to create lasting summer memories.”

— The Braumart: A historic theater that has enriched many lives over the years. The renovations are still ongoing and this dedicated group “Friends of the Braumart” have spent hours developing programs suited for all ages. Their schedule has something planned to meet everyone’s interest in the performing arts.

— Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District, with the aid from grant monies, are able to expand the mechatronics program as they work co-cooperatively with Bay West as they continue increase enrollment for degree seeking students.

— The 100+ Women who make a difference with their quarterly donations to local applicants.

— Dickinson County Planning Commission has survey forms available at the courthouse, library and township halls. They are seeking input from the community to write a master plan and incorporate those ideas looking for what people want in their area.

Anywhere one looks there are changes taking place. People coming together to build a stronger economic welcoming community where one is proud to call home. Growth takes time, money and a whole lot of volunteers to bring new life to fruition. Look around and see where you can fit in to become part of this growth.

The Golden Throats will sing Wednesday, June 27 at Evergreen.

The next general meeting for the Golden K is Monday with Don Pedo as program chairman and Sheriff Scott Rutter guest speaker. Members are reminded to mark July 16 on their calendars for the annual membership picnic. Don Pedo, chairman, will be collecting $5 per member for the picnic.