Moreau speaks on vaping at Golden K



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KINGSFORD — Golden K meetings always begin by recognizing our flag and country, which reminds us of the freedoms we sometimes take for granted.

Then comes Alyce Derwinski with her nimble fingers on the piano and Lois Outcelt starts directing as music fills the room. This is a time of happiness, excitement, anxiety and Christmas songs.

Keeping the gaiety going the group sang “Happy Birthday” to Dr. Paul Jacobs, Dec. 13; and Leon Godspodarek, Dec. 16. “Happy Anniversary” to Gilbert Engel and Louise Swope on Dec. 11 and Myrna and Paul Ward on Dec. 18.

The speaker for the day, Niagara’s acting Chief of Police Angie Moreau, was welcomed with song. Walter Jensen took home the 50-50 winnings and Happy Dollars included cheers for the Lions win. Gary and Sue Proudfit welcomed their seventh great-grandson into the family.

Lois Chartier read a few ways to be happy from her newly purchased book, “14,000 Ways to be Happy.” Smelling a fresh-baked apple pie or holding a newborn child were two of the ideas she read.

As program chairwoman, she then introduced guest speaker Moreau, or “Officer Angie” as she is known by the students in Niagara, Wis.

Officer Moreau, in full uniform, brought this group back to everyday reality. There is much to be thankful for and much joy to share, yet there is always the “everyday” we deal with as well.

Updating the group on “vaping” proved to be quite an eyeopener for these seniors. As senior citizens, this group has already experienced many things that come and go into a lifetime. Then, there is always something new to come along.

Vaping is a growing problem for all ages, as well as law enforcement personnel. It primarily affects children, teens and young adults. The long-term aftereffects of this addiction have not been fully researched. E-cigarettes are highly addictive and can be harmful to adolescence brain development. E-cigarettes contain nicotine as well as other chemicals.

With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation, Moreau pointed out the many ways vaping can be done, as well as the long list of equipment the user can implement to absorb the vapors.

Parents need to be vigilant monitoring their child’s activities. Talk to your child — they will know what you are asking about; it is in their schools.

Because it is difficult to trace — no odor — items used are “everyday” things that people will easily overlook. Young people are especially targeted. It is addictive and can lead using more harmful drugs.

As a parent, ask questions. Check the internet for information on the toxic chemicals involved. Notice an odor of a buttery, like popcorn, or honey sweetness. Talk to your kids. Regardless of their age or family values they know, they are still vulnerable.

Vaping is a national problem in families and schools. It is a learning process for all, including parents, teachers, citizens and law enforcement. Things enter lives as seemingly harmless and as time goes on, those “things” become more and more dangerous. The life of an individual depends on the people around him or her caring enough to “get involved.”

Officer Moreau is very concerned about this “new fad” and how it will play out in the future lives of the users and what role law enforcement will have to play. She gave the Golden K members a head’s up on the situation unfolding within the lives of the young. With grandchildren and great-grandchildren, grandfathers and grandmothers also need to be aware of the potential dangers associated with “vaping” and how to be knowledgeable about things that affect everyone.

Officer Moreau has 25 years in law enforcement. Her husband, Mark, teaches at Woodland Elementary School.

The Golden K meeting Monday will be the Christmas party for the special needs children. There is a rumor Santa plans to stop by.

The Golden Throats sing on Wednesday at Freeman’s and Dec. 26 at Evergreen.

The Golden K will not meet Dec. 24 or Dec. 31.


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