Repeated efforts are needed — MK 8:22ff

Daily Meditations

When we go to a doctor or a dentist for treatment of a problem, we usually have to go more than once to have it taken care of. We shouldn’t be surprised, then, if it takes more than one session of prayer to clear up some spiritual ailment!

In Mark’s Gospel we read about Jesus healing a person of blindness. The first time he lays his hand, the man is able to see but people look like trees. Then when he touches him the second time he can see clearly.

Also, it is significant that Jesus prayed three times in the Garden of Gethsemane. Each time, he repeated the same words.

I think the above should be an example to us of our need to persevere in our efforts of everyday life, especially prayer.

The writer G.K. Chesterton shares this: “The joy of reading Virgil comes after the bore of learning him … the success of marriage comes after the failure of the honeymoon.”

God bless.


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