Walking with ease

FLORENCE, Wis. The Florence County Health Department will be offering a new evidenced based program called Walk with Ease.

Walk with Ease is a program for better living that is promoted by the Arthritis Foundation. It is an exercise program that can reduce pain and improve overall health. If you can be on your feet for 10 minutes without increased pain, you can have success with Walk With Ease.

The benefits of the program are to motivate your self to get in great shape, walk safely and comfortably, improve your flexibility, strength and stamina and reduce pain.

Classes are one-hour each, three times per week for six weeks.

If you want to take part but have concerns about your health, consult your health care provider before you begin.

Physical exercise increases mental health and your resiliency against diabetes and cardiovascular disease which are the leading chronic diseases. Physical exercise has also been shown to improve mental health, balance and strength.

Classes require a minimum participant size to be held.

Call Sarah Giddings at the Florence County Health Department at (715) 528-4837 for further information and to sign up.