Daily Meditations: Savor the goodness of the Lord – Psalm 34:9

We are told in psalm 34 to “taste and see how good the Lord is.” The Latin word for taste is sapere, which has a very special meaning. It means to be wise enough to “savor.”

When we hear the word “savor,” we think of enjoying food such as a succulent orange or enjoying a special glass of wine. When we savor something, we slow down, we take special notice and give it our full attention. It can’t be rushed.

The psalmist encourages us to savor the goodness of God. So, we begin by being more aware of how good God is to us. There is so much that we take for granite.

Each day it would be helpful for us to take the time to notice how God showed His goodness to us. Once we are aware of something special, we should savor the moment. That means to give this our full attention. Like tasting good wine, this too can’t be rushed.

The psalm tells us that if we simply reflect on all the good things in our particular life and savor them, this will also lead us to wisdom.

God bless.