The Steenos perform for the Golden K

Paul Jacobs photo Bob and Lisa Steeno perform at Monday’s Golden K meeting.


For The Daily News

KINGSFORD — As another Monday morning rolls around the Golden K began to fill the fellowship hall at the First Presbyterian Church in Kingsford anxious to share their weekend adventures.

Summer brings families together for many reasons and the days seemed to be passing by quickly. However, nothing keeps these seniors from enjoying every opportunity they have to go, do and participate in as many area activities as they can fit in their day.

After everyone has settled into just the right spot, Sue LeDuc rolls out the piano and hands Al Calcari the list of songs. This group does not miss a beat when faced with trying out different songs. Whatever LeDuc has planned for this group they meet the challenge.

Bill Roberts stepping into the chairman position opened the meeting. Guests for the day included Myrna Ward, Ron Jouppi’s sister Vivian and their brother, Bob, along with Lisa and Bob Steeno.

Kirk Olson won the 50-50 drawing. Happy birthday to Hank London, Aug. 3; Darryl Miller, Aug. 12 and Margaret Trudell, Aug. 13. Happy anniversary to John and Diane Aune, Aug. 7; Don and Sally Jacobs, Aug. 8, and LeRoy and Mae Sundstrom, Aug. 14.

Paul Ward introduced the guests Lisa and Bob Steeno. The Steenos grew up in the area, moved to Florida and come north in the summer for a few weeks. They both play several instruments and a variety of music, which makes them in high demand from residents who know them from their childhood and share many of the same memories. Playing guitar, harmonica and mandolin and singing, this duo entertained the Golden Kers as though it was a command performance.

Bringing stories along of days past and how music evolved in their lives, taking time to share it all with the Golden K made for a special Monday morning. Some songs included “Mind Your Own Business,” “Hey Good Looking,” “Ring of Fire” and “Those were the Days.” A special favorite of Lisa’s was the “Anniversary Waltz” in memory of her mother and for Bob it was “Misty” for his mom. A particular favorite of many Golden Kers was “Country Road-County ‘O.'” That song meant a lot to many for a variety of reasons.

A blast from their past was another song “Whatever Happened to that old Pink Store” (somewhere in the vicinity of Spread Eagle) and the “Grass that Never Grew” (something about a cottage and a bare spot).

They brought lots of nostalgic memories and it was outstanding entertainment from two extremely talented people who also share their music locally and with the folks in Florida.

John Aune will chair the next Golden K meeting with John Corson as speaker. Aune’s topic will focus on Memorable Memories. We all have those, so come on out next Monday and hear what he has in mind. Meetings are open to all and gathering time usually begins around 9:30 a.m. with the program at 10:30 a.m.

The Golden Throats will sing Wednesday at Freeman’s.

Bill Roberts left the group with this quote from Satchel Paige “Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”