Suzuki recital

Suzuki piano players celebrated with their 33rd Grand Spring Recital on April 28 in Kingsford. In the front row, from left, are Rosyln Westcott, Sonora Smith, Maribelle Adams, Elsie Adams, Sabina Niebrzydowski, Kindi Gingrass, Brielle Bacon and Elsa Lamirand; kneeling in the second row are Linnea Smith, Mila Niebrzydowski, Slevin Seppala, Kieran Hempel, Bryce Johnson and Karisa Larson; standing in back are Talia Larson, Sam Lamirand, Mattea Larson, Lyla Gingrass, Sydney Scott, Isaac Larson, Samantha Scott, Catherine Leslie, Zoey Blomquist, Olivia Westcott, instructor Shirley Person and Alaysa Bacon.


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