Daily Meditations — Peaceful heart – John 14:27ff

Albert Schweitzer gave up a successful musical career in Europe to become a missionary doctor in Africa. He not only wanted to bring physical healing to the natives but also spiritual healing.

One day, someone asked him how he went about trying to introduce Jesus and the message of Christianity to primitive African tribesmen. Where did you start?

Dr. Schweitzer said he found that the wildest of the savages knew the difference between a restless heart and a peaceful heart. So he told them that it was Jesus who could bring peace with God to their hearts. What they really were hungry for was someone who could give them this peace! They had made peace offerings to their gods but found something still lacking.

So many people today have hearts that are troubled and restless. They lack a right relationship with God.

In John’s gospel, Jesus tells us: “do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.” Then he tells us to have faith in God and faith in Him.

He went on to say: “Peace is what I leave you.” This comes from accepting Jesus’ offer to forgive us our sins.

We are told in the book of Maccabees that God has put eternity in our hearts. With this goes a desire in the hearts of man to have a right relationship with God.

This why Dr. Schweitzer wisely began his Christian message telling the African natives that Jesus was the one who could bring peace with God to their hearts. He wants to do the same for us.

God bless.