Juhannus Picnic

The weather was beautiful for the 2019 Raja Ryhma Finnish celebration of Juhannus on June 15 at the Bradley Maki Pavilion in Iron Mountain’s City Park. About 50 people of Finnish descent, their relatives and friends gathered to celebrate the light that accompanies the longer days of summer. A gaily decorated blue and white midsummer pole, great music for dancing and listening by Paula D, many dishes of Finnish food and great conversation created an enjoyable gathering. Memories and images of bonfires from the past were recalled in place of actually having a bonfire, which also is part of most Juhannus celebrations. The pavilion is named after the late Bradley Maki of Iron Mountain after funds were donated in his memory for construction of the structure. Maki was a member of the club, the son of Rudy and Ruth Maki of Iron Mountain. He also loved the deer park, so the location of the pavilion is perfect.