GFWC awards

At a recent meeting of the Iron Mountain-Kingsford General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Trisha Peterson, chairwoman of the local Epsilon Sigma Omicron Committee, presented the members with certificates from the state ESO for their participation in the reading project. From left are Mary Stolze, Terry Sovey, Lana Frantz, Mary Saltz, Pam Edens, Pamela L. Foster, Pam King and Jean Thekan. ESO is a project sponsored by the GFWC, which promotes reading as a life-long leisure and learning activity. Also participating in the project but not pictured are Angie DuBose, Gail Galotta, Karen Haglund, Jamie Hathaway, Germaine Hendrickson, Marian Lies, Toni Lori, Shirley Nelson, Trisha Peterson, Inez Riverside and Nancy Sundstrom. These members read 860 books last year.