Too often to notice — Joshua 24:1-3

The story is told of a young man who moved into a one-room flat that was very near the Chicago El track.

When his older brother came to visit him, he asked how often the trains went by. The younger brother replied, “So often that you never notice them.”

When something happens very frequently, we tend not to notice it. Think about how many meals our Mother prepares for us. We just take it for granted that the food will be there for us.

There are so many other examples of help we receive in our daily life. Again, these happen so often that they go unnoticed and also unappreciated.

Another area we can look at is how generous the Lord has been to us. There is an interesting chapter in Joshua in which the Lord reminds Joshua of all that He has done for his people. We can count at least 15 “I gave you” or “I saved you.”

The point is that God does so much for Israel that the people tend not to notice it. The same is true of God’s dealing with us.

Someone once said, “‘Thank you’ is the coin that pays a debt by acknowledging it.” This is worth thinking about!

God bless.