Parenting workshop set in Florence

FLORENCE, Wis. — A free eParenting: Surviving and Thriving Workshop for parents and guardians of children ages 9 to 16 is planned for 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24, in the lower level conference room of the Florence Natural Resources Center, 5638 Forestry Drive in Florence.

Today’s parents can benefit from a better understanding of the role digital media plays in their children’s lives and learning how new media might enhance their responsibilities as parents.

To date, most programs for parents about digital media focus on the potential negative effects of its use and how parents can protect their children from such dangers.

While these programs can be valuable, they ignore the many positive aspects of digital media, including ways it can contribute to the child’s development, enhance the parent-adolescent relationship and provide tools that can strengthen and extend child-rearing skills.

The eParenting workshop will focus on how digital media can support developmental tasks of adolescents and how it can enhance parenting skills. Digital media, like television and rock’n’ roll, is not going away. Digital media provides young people access to a whole new virtual world.

So, how can digital media become a positive force? It can be integrated into a parent’s responsibilities and used to help stay connected and continue to be an influential part of our teen’s life.

To register, contact Sabrina Leffler at 715-528-4480, ext. 1, or Sabrina.leffler@wisc.edu by Monday.


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