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Social Security means many different things to many different people. To a spouse who has lost their partner, it may mean a monthly check to help with childcare costs. For a wounded warrior, Social Security might mean a lifeline of income that improves their quality of life. And chances are, you’ll rely on us one day as well.

Social Security provides millions of people with retirement and disability benefits. This means we need to be able to start a conversation and answer questions for those millions of deserving people. Social media allows us to quickly help people in a cost-effective and agile way.

We use our Facebook page to share information about our programs, policies and services with our vast network of followers and advocacy groups. We also monitor and provide quick-turnaround responses to select questions and comments that people post. We also host Facebook Live events to dive deep into topics that matter to you, at www.facebook.com/socialsecurity.

Our blog, named Social Security Matters, gives readers information about a variety of topics, including programs, online services, current events and human-interest stories, usually in greater detail than typically shared on our other social media platforms. Our blog encourages discussion and offers important retirement- and disability-related solutions. It is at blog.ssa.gov.

Our Instagram page is a mostly visual outlet where we share our top 10 baby names of the year and other trend-setting stats. We use this page to share information about programs, policies, and services. It is at www.instagram.com/socialsecurity.

Do you prefer getting information from videos? Social Security’s YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/user/SocialSecurityOnline, is an archive of informative videos.

Our Twitter page is updated frequently with up-to-date information that is easy to share. twitter.com/socialsecurity.

Be part of the conversation — follow us today. Share our posts with friends and family who may not know about our services.


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