Beekeepers meeting on Tuesday

FLORENCE, Wis. — April Kustov, Wisconsin state apiary inspector, will present “Are My Bees Sick? Honey Bee Disease Identification and Treatment” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The presentation is part of the Northwoods Beekeepers monthly meeting in the lower-level conference room of Wild Rivers Interpretive Center, 5638 Forestry Drive, Florence Wis. The public is welcome.

Nosema, deformed wing virus, varroa mites and American foulbrood are common diseases among honeybees.

“Honey bees are under threat, and local beekeepers are well aware of it,” said Nancy Osterberg, a backyard beekeeper in Aurora, Wis. “Besides paying attention to changes in habitat and pesticide exposure, beekeepers must be able to recognize honey bee diseases and know how to treat them.”

For more information, contact Northwoods Beekeepers at borderlandbeeks@gmail.com


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