Beekeepers to offer free program Thursday in Sagola

SAGOLA — Northwoods Beekeepers will host a free event at 3 p.m. Thursday in Sagola to teach how to turn honey bee wax into candles, lip balm and more.

“We prize honey bees for their tasty honey, but beeswax is a marvelous product of the hive as well. Bees secrete wax from special glands, then chew it up and use it to form perfect hexagon-shaped honey comb. They raise their young and store honey and pollen in the comb. Beeswax has multiple uses in human households as well,” Nancy Osterberg said.

“In recent years, I have managed my hives to produce extra wax as well as honey. I enjoy using wax from my own hives to make beautiful candles and other household products. They make wonderful gifts,” said Bernie Driggs of Sagola, who has been a beekeeper for 40 years.

Driggs will host this event in his workshop in Sagola. He will demonstrate how he makes various products with beeswax and teach the secrets of taking beeswax from the hive to the candle.

For more information and to sign up for the event, contact Northwoods Beekeepers at borderlandbeeks@gmail.com.


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