Memorial Fundraising Art Sale benefits cancer patients and families

MARQUETTE — The first phase of the Susan Reyes Schumacher Fundraising Art Sale was a success, generating more than $2,000 for local non-profits.

“All those who purchased a painting or frame were totally pleased, and the stories of why they bought that particular artwork were heartfelt and sincere,” said Paul Schumacher, organizer of the art sale in memory of his late wife, Susan Reyes Schumacher. “Many mentioned how that particular painting reminded them of places they had been, or their children, or were just awed by the beauty of that artwork.”

This year, the fundraiser is entering a new phase. Each month will feature a “theme” of her artworks, Schumacher said. There will be a tab to view the specially priced items that will reflect the seasons. In addition, when interested buyers go to the website to view the paintings and frames for sale, they will see the new format that makes it easier to buy the artworks.

“Instead of waiting for other bids, the prices are as marked. We can deliver the painting the next business day,” Schumacher said. “We will feature a different theme every month with special prices on those works.”

Proceeds from the sales will go to Cancer Care of Marquette County and the Superior Health Foundation.

They have a selection of her unique paintings and picture frames. They also now featuring the custom-made portable easel made especially for her.

Susan Vasquez Reyes was an artist whose real love was oil-based paintings. She had a vision only somebody who grew up in the jungles of the Philippines would have. After she immigrated to the United States, Schumacher located her at a Christian dating site, and they married May 1, 2013, in Seattle.

She then moved to Marquette to be with Schumacher. After just2 1/2 years of marriage, she was diagnosed with stage 4 EGFR mutation, a non, small-cell nonsmoker lung cancer. They had recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary when she died on June 8, 2017. She was just 55.

She left behind more than 90 paintings and picture frames, all made with her creative, feminine Philippine touch.

Her entire catalog of paintings and picture frames can be viewed at www.susansmission.org.

For more information, contact Schumacher at paulmschumacher@hotmail.com or call 906-360-8889.


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