New edition of ‘Niagara Capital City of Nicknames’ booklet available soon

Karen Klenke photo Christopher Columbus “CC” Patterson with his horse, Prophet. He is featured in the newest edition of the “Niagara Capital City of Nicknames” booklet.

NIAGARA, Wis. — An updated version of the popular “Niagara Capital City of Nicknames” booklet will go to print shortly.

The book has added 177 new nicknames giving a total of more than 500 nicknames, plus 27 new nicknames have been added to the 85 already in the featured section.

These include “Spud,” “Beef,” “Ice,” “Onions,” “Rooster,” “Bart,” “Bullet,” “Tweet,” “Peppy” and “Clicky.”

One of those featured is Christopher Columbus “CC” Patterson, including the photo of “CC” with his horse, Prophet, a registered American saddlebred stallion.

The new publication of approximately 70 pages will be available next month for $30.

Those interested can contact Karen “Spiderwoman” Klenke, president of the Niagara Area Historical Society, at 715-251-4557 or 906-396-7499.


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