We should pray for sinners



American Martyrs

Catholic Church


Several years ago, a Newsweek magazine carried a moving story about crash of a United Airlines plane in Colorado in 1955. Someone had hidden a bomb on the plane, killing all aboard.

Two of the dead passengers were parents of three young sons in Pittsburgh. The pastor of St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church asked the oldest son, Jerry, if it would be okay to hold a prayer service for his parents that evening.

Jerry said yes, and then added, “Could we also say a prayer for the man who killed my mother and father?”

We have to be impressed with the faith of his son, Jerry. Many find it hard to pray for someone who has sinned against us or who simply we have a hard time to accept.

There is a saying that we live in a divided country. Sometimes people will complain to me about a politician they just can’t stand. I suggest that they pray for them, even if they grind their teeth in doing so! We have to love even the people we don’t like.

Remember, it is not how you feel about someone that is important — it is what you are doing toward them, how you are treating them!

God bless.


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