Golden K Club plans annual Valentine’s party

KINGSFORD — Mondays are nice when there is no ice. Monday mornings are the weekly Golden K Club meeting, with enjoyable conversation, coffee and a good program. But this past Monday the weather again had its say, so there was no Golden K.

As always, if the area schools close — be it ice, severe winds, or a snow day — Dickinson Area Golden K does not meet as well.

Monday, the Golden K will host its annual Valentine’s party for special need kids of the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District. Those attending are bused from area schools of Niagara, Florence, Woodland Willis ISD, Norway ISD, Woodland ISD and Crystal Falls ISD.

The Valentine’s party is at 10 a.m. at the Presbyterian Church on Hamilton Avenue in Kingsford. GK members are asked to be present for setting up by 8:15 a.m. Members are asked to park further back to allow room for buses and vehicles to unload the students.

Music again will be provided by Mindy and her father, Ray Pilon of Niagara, Wis. Many of the students enjoy dancing with their counselors, aides and even GK members. All the classes bring their handmade valentines that are displayed on tables for GK judges to select the winners. The valentines are all so unique and very creative and in various sizes, so it’s not easy for judges to pick the winners.

Valentine cookies and Kool-Aid, along with Valentine gift bags for each student, are all compliments of the Golden K Club.

The parties for special needs children provided by Golden K are a pleasure to be a part of and to observe each student enjoying this special time together. It is always a heart-warming event.

John Aune is GK chairman for the month of February.

The GK Golden Throats will sing at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Victorian Pines.