Regulators OK solar projects to quadruple Wisconsin capacity

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Regulators have approved two solar farms that they say will more than quadruple Wisconsin’s solar capacity.

The Public Service Commission approved the projects 2-0 last week.

One farm near Two Rivers will have a 150-megawatt capacity. The other will be located in Iowa County and will have a 300 megawatt-capacity. PSC officials say the projects combined will produce enough energy to power 120,000 homes for a year.

According to the Citizens Utility Board, Madison Gas and Electric and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation plan to play a combined $390 million for a portion of the facilities’ power.

MG&E officials estimate ratepayers will see a 1 percent increase but will realize future savings since the plants don’t need fuel. WPS spokesman Matt Cullen said he didn’t have any specifics on rate increases

“These projects are an important first step in decreasing the carbon footprint of Wisconsin’s energy production,” PSC Chairman Rebecca Valcq said of the decisions. “Wisconsin is ready to embrace a clean energy economy thanks to declining costs of renewable infrastructure and utilities responding to customer demands for clean energy options.”